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On-line grocery retail strategy materializes only after it becomes a hot topic.

What is your status today?


The on-line grocery retail in Finland is growing strongly. How should brands react to get a share of the growth and be among the pioneers?

We estimate that in the coming years the relative importance of the physical (brick and mortar) store diminishes whereas the on-line channel keeps growing annually approximately 40% and will expand its share of the total market.In five years time, on-line share of FMCG market will reach 5%.

The pioneer brands that invest now in on-line channel will get stronger and reap the biggest benefits – future market shares are divided right now.

Both retailers and brand manufacturers have been active in shopper research during many years. For example, the rate of planned/impulse purchases, time spent by the category and display attractiveness are monitored frequently. This is true in the physical store, but not in on-line grocery channel, because the focus has been predominantly in the quantitative information provided by algorithms.

How should we enrich on-line grocery retail algorithms with qualitative shopper research? What questions can we answer by doing this?

  • How do we motivate category shoppers to make their first on-line grocery purchase?
  • What insight can we get by studying the emotional side of shoppers’ minds?
  • How do we increase basket value and promote shopper loyalty?
  • How do we make shopping easier and enhance positive shopping experiences?
  • What could be the ultimate super shopping experience in on-line for our brand?
  • What is the importance of impulse buying?
  • Which type of category-tree and segmentation would be ideal in on-line?
  • How can we increase ”display attractiveness” and ”shelf visibility” in the on-line channel?

QnA® - methodology and qualitative research insights will help brands to understand on-line shopping behavior, and create a winning strategy and roadmap for solid commercial actions.

This research information will also be a catalyst to intensify cooperation between brand manufacturers and retailers, with benefits to both parties.

QnA - why and for whom?

At QnA® we became increasingly frustrated with the underdevelopment of the on-line grocery retail channel. In our view, brand manufacturers and grocery retailers could do a lot more together to make on-line channel grow and flourish.

We have years’ experience from both supplier and retail side and we share expertise and passion for shopper behavior, brands, marketing communication and category management.

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